Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a busy mind that just won’t quiet down.
  • You feel stressed by the unprecedented demands and unknowns of life. 
  • You wake up in the middle of the night ruminating and losing sleep.
  • You have a harsh inner critic that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • You want to feel more peaceful, but life keeps getting in the way.
  • You're a frontline worker or health care professional wanting to down-regulate your nervous system.
  • You're having trouble connecting with people whose views run counter to yours – and sense there's a better solution than shutting them out of your heart.

If you relate to any of these statements...

And you're in the right place. This course was made for you.

Far greater well-being and contentment can be cultivated from the inside out through the "magic" of mindfulness: a simple shift in attention that makes a world of difference. 

More than four decades of research indicates that mindfulness meditation benefits people suffering from depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, distractibility, high sensitivity, and difficult life transitions.

This course is designed to provide you with valuable, research-based mindfulness skills and tools to help you to:

  • Cultivate calm and groundedness
  • Manage the demands and challenges of daily life with greater ease
  • Awaken to mindfulness and compassion when you’re in the thick of difficulty
  • Transform suffering into presence
  • Free yourself from the thinking mind and limiting beliefs
  • Step out of emotional reactivity and respond wisely
  • Remember to include yourself in your circle of kindness.

Perhaps you’ve heard that meditation can be helpful but don’t know where to start because there’s so much information out there. Maybe you’ve tried to meditate in the past but couldn’t quiet your mind – and decided you weren’t cut out for it. Or you want to meditate but don’t know how to fit it into your busy life.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t about making your mind blank. That’s a common misconception. It's about having a different, more empowered relationship with whatever arises within or around you. Every time you notice your mind has wandered is a moment of mindfulness that deepens the pathway back to presence and gradually changes your brain and your experience of life for the better. 

It might surprise you to learn that taking time for meditation will actually save you time by helping you to distinguish between what matters most and what isn't ultimately that important.

Adopting the simple practices presented in this course can help you feel happier, less stressed, more content and at ease, and able to "be with" rather than react to whatever life serves up. What's more: the benefits of your meditation practice will ripple into all your relationships. With mindfulness as a refuge, you can be a steady, calm presence for your loved ones during stressful times.

Whereas mindfulness meditation can help you to feel better in many ways, perhaps the most profound benefit is the realization that you're already enough, just as you are. Instead of aspiring to feel better in the future, you can feel better right here in the present moment - not by becoming or having more but by having a friendlier relationship with "what is" and cutting through the stories that block inner peace.

This course, which can be done on your own, at your leisure, provides practical support for steadying your mind, stepping out of the addictive stream of thoughts and emotions, and opening into the present moment

...which is where your true power lies.

A more vibrant life awaits you.

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal and spiritual evolution?

When you enroll in the course, you will receive:

  • More than 10 hours of video and audio content broken down into approximately 100 bite-sized lessons

  • Powerful guided practices and reflections to deepen your practice

  • Downloadable resources in PDF format

  • Two group mentoring calls (recorded so you can listen anytime)

  • Lifetime access to all course material. The entire course is yours to keep, so you can retake it as many times as you like.

  • Peer support and guidance from Susan in a private Facebook group. (This is absolutely optional, and you don’t need to be on Facebook at all to get the most out of this course.)

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Why Learn From Me?

    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Suggestions on How to Work Through the Course

    • Live Calls, Meditation Sessions & Communication

    • Guided Practice: Grounding Meditation

    • Live Call #1

    • Live Call #2

  • 2

    Introducing Mindfulness

    • What is Mindfulness?

    • What Mindfulness Is and Isn't

    • Foundational Attitudes

    • Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

    • Mindfulness Research: Deeper Dive

    • Meditation Posture

    • Download: Posture

    • Meditation Anchors

    • Download: Meditation Anchors

    • Journal Reflection

    • Guided Practice: Kind Eyes, Soft Body, Warm Heart

    • Visual Meditation: Morning Mist

  • 3

    Getting Started with Your Practice

    • When to Meditate

    • Creating a Meditation Space

    • Meditation Apps

    • Meditation Apps Continued

    • Download: Meditation Apps

    • Ongoing Live Meditation Sessions

    • Helpful Resources to Get Started

    • Mindfulness Meditation Practice Log

    • Meditation Apps

  • 4

    Beginning with Breath

    • Introduction to Mindfulness of the Breath

    • Mindful Breathing vs. Calming Breaths

    • Guided Practice: Mindfulness of the Breath

    • Journal Reflection

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

    • Home Practice Suggestions

  • 5

    Being with the Body

    • Guided Practice: Standing Meditation

    • Introduction to Standing Meditation

    • Introduction to Mindfulness of the Body and Sensations

    • Working with Pain

    • Guided Meditation: Body Scan (Shorter Version)

    • Body Scan Reflection & Tips

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

    • Home Practice Suggestions

    • Journal Reflections

    • Guided Meditation: Body Scan (Long Version)

    • Walking Meditation

    • Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Breath & Body

  • 6

    Freedom from Feelings

    • Guided Practice: Breathing into the Heart

    • Introduction to Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions

    • Benefits and the Nature of Feelings and Emotions

    • Practicing Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions

    • The Two Arrows

    • Response to Rumi

    • Fear

    • From My Blog: Let's Have Tea

    • Mindfulness and Skillful Means

    • Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

    • Home Practice Suggestions

    • Journal Reflections

    • Guided Meditation: Mountain Meditation

    • Guided Practice: Listening Presence

  • 7

    Waking from the Trance of Thought

    • Guided Practice: Magic Breaths

    • Introduction to Mindfulness of Thoughts

    • Practicing Mindfulness of Thoughts

    • Challenges & Barriers

    • Challenging Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

    • Clarification & Summary

    • Deeper Dive: The Work of Byron Katie

    • Instructions for Guided Practice

    • Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Thoughts 1

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

    • Visual Meditation: Just One Thought

    • Home Practice Suggestions

    • Journal Reflections

    • Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Thoughts 2

    • Guided Practice: Arising of Thoughts

    • Guided Practice: Central Practice of Mindfulness

  • 8

    Supercharging with Heartfulness

    • Guided Practice: Breathing with Spaciousness

    • Introduction to Lovingkindness (Metta)

    • Motherhood Metta

    • Practicing Lovingkindness

    • Benefits of Lovingkindness Practice

    • Lovingkindness Barriers and Misconceptions

    • More Thoughts on Lovingkindness Practice

    • If Grief Arises

    • Guided Practice: Lovingkindness Meditation

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

    • Home Practice Suggestions

    • Journal Reflections

    • Guided Practice: Another Lovingkindness Meditation

  • 9

    Nourishing with Self-Compassion

    • Touching In Meditation

    • Introduction to Self-Compassion

    • Essential Elements of Self-Compassion

    • Self-Compassion Research

    • Cultivating Self-Compassion

    • Alchemizing Emotions with RAIN

    • From My Blog: Resting in RAIN and Sea

    • Guided Practice: Affectionate Breathing

    • Guided Practice: RAIN of Self-Compassion

    • From my Vlog: Cottonwood Leaves

    • Home Practice Suggestions

    • Journal Reflections

    • Mindful Pause to Recap

  • 10

    Engaging the Magic in Daily Life

    • Mindfulness Bell Practice

    • Download: Mindfulness Bell Practice

    • Integrating Mindfulness in Daily Life

    • Mindfulness of Technology

    • Mindfulness Through the Day

    • More Mindfulness Through the Day

    • Mindful Eating

Focus on what matters most.

Are you ready to have a more empowered relationship with your mind?

Meet the Instructor

Susan Meyer

Susan is a contemplative creative whose work is pollinated with a vibrant combination of life experience, formal education, and a lifelong devotion to evolving the Self. Her deep interest in the nature of consciousness and appreciation of the natural world infuse her art and teaching. She is a seeker of angles that serve as exquisite openings to the luminosity that is our essential nature. Mindfulness is a thread that runs through the heart of everything Susan does. She has been working closely with spiritual mentors and meditating for nearly 30 years. She completed a two-year, intensive Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, maintains an active schedule teaching meditation classes, and is a teacher on the Insight Timer meditation app. Susan spent more than a decade as an early childhood educator developing research-based mindfulness curricula. She holds formal degrees in education, psychology, and spiritual studies. Her special interests include: integrating mindfulness and photography, mindful self-compassion, and mindfulness with children.
Watch Intro Video

A Message from Susan

Why Learn from Susan?

  • Training & Experience

    In addition to nearly 30 years of meditation experience, Susan completed intensive mindfulness meditation teacher training that is considered the gold standard in the field and is a trauma-sensitive practitioner.

  • Caring Connection

    Along with her nurturing, affirming teaching style, one of the benefits of working with Susan (as opposed to well-known meditation teachers with large followings) is the caring connection that leaves you feeling truly supported, known, and valued.

  • Nurtured by Art & Nature

    Susan is a nature photographer who infuses instruction with images and metaphors from the natural world. Her unique blend of photography, mindful awareness, nature-inspired stories, and poetry supports presence, awakening, and well-being.

Student Testimonials

A kinder voice in my head

Lori L.

You have offered such an influential education for my psyche, emotions, thoughts and ultimately my brain. You have given balanced researched information from study and obvious practice...and a willingness to offer extended explanations to questions. Such a gift. Thank you! I hear YOUR voice when I meditate on my own.

Recommited to my meditation practice

Jen M.

I'd meditated daily for a while but was having trouble staying with it during some big life transitions. This is just what I needed to get back to daily meditation, especially because of your nurturing, affirming teaching style.

Feeling more rested

Heidi K.

You seem to be able to drop my anxieties to zero. You are teaching me to observe my inner beast rather than battle it - which allows me to get back to sleep when I wake up during the night.

Helped us navigate unprecedented challenges

Michelle B.

My husband and I are so thankful that we were able to take your mindfulness course. It helped us navigate an unprecedented time in our lives. He has incorporated your techniques into his daily routines, and I find myself breathing consciously at the most interesting and useful moments.

Engaged from the first lesson

Kimberly L.

Susan’s mindfulness meditation course offers a well-organized and compassionate understanding to those who are new to and experienced in meditation. From the first class one feels engaged in the practice, encouraged to meditate on your own while looking forward to the next session.

So much useful information

Laura C.

Susan is a gifted teacher. She was very easy to follow and was always able to clarify if there were questions. The guided meditations were perfect, and she shared so much useful information.

Calming presence

Carol S.

I appreciated Susan’s peaceful and present demeanor, emphasis on compassion, and humor. Her calming voice, intelligence, and the plethora of resources she shared were terrific. When she teaches, it truly comes from a place of compassion and giving.

The wise friend you've always wanted

Christy T.

Taking Susan's course is like having a wise, compassionate friend on your journey to inspire you and cheer you on. She makes mindfulness meditation more relatable, accessible, and inviting.

Calms my busy mind

Linda W.

I cannot thank you enough for today’s class. I have been wanting to take a mindfulness meditation course and finally enrolled - and I'm so glad I did! I have been known to be “busy in the head” for so long that I really have not known any other way to be. You are so inspiring that I found myself practicing several times after yesterday's session and feeling much calmer!

A simple shift makes a huge difference.

Are you ready to resource your life with the magic of mindfulness?


  • Is this a live course, or can I work through it on my own?

    The lessons are prerecorded, so you can work through them at your own pace. You can take as long as you want to complete the course. You will have access to a private, online group of current and former course participants, for mutual support.

  • How often will the course content be released?

    You will have access to the entire course from the first day. However, to get the most out of it, you are strongly encouraged to spend a full week on each module and not "work ahead". This will allow you to work through the lessons at an easy pace and become familiar with each "foundation" of mindfulness meditation and related practices before moving on to the next one.

  • How long does it take to complete the courseT?

    The course was envisioned as an 8-week journey. However, you can take as long as you like to work through the lessons and work with the practices. It is not recommended to complete it in less than 8 weeks.

  • How are the lessons formatted?

    Every module contains a number of lessons, some guided practices, questions for personal reflection, and module recaps. Most of the actual lessons are presented in video format. The guided practices are primarily audio. The module recaps and questions for personal reflection are presented as text. There are also some printable PDFs and visual meditations. The lessons are presented in an easy-to-follow, linear format that keeps track of your progress.

  • How do I access the course materials?

    After enrolling, simply sign in to Thinkific, and the course portal will be on your student dashboard.

  • Will I be able to interact with the instructor?

    Yes. You will be able to communicate with the instructor through the private, online group and through email. If you take the course during a "live round" (offered periodically), you also will be able to participate in two live mentoring calls. If you cannot participate in the live call, you are welcome to submit questions to be answered during the call - and you will receive a replay link. (If you're not participating in a live round, you will have access to recordings of past calls.) The instructor is also available for 1:1 mindfulness mentoring sessions (extra fee).

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    The course is yours to keep. You can retake it as many times as you'd like and will have access to any updated course material. As long as the course exists, you will have access to it.

  • I hate Facebook! Is there any other way to communicate with other course participants besides a private Facebook group?

    If other participants are interested, a Google (email) group can be set up as an alternative to the private Facebook group. Rest assured, participation in the Facebook group is not at all necessary to derive maximum benefit from the course. It's just an option for those who are interested.

  • Is mindfulness therapy?

    Although mindfulness can feel therapeutic, it is NOT therapy. Any sharing that takes place during a live call, 1:1 coaching, or in an online group is an opportunity to share what’s going on in the present moment or during meditation practices. Unlike therapy, mindfulness does not get into exploring the past or any stories about what's happening. Mindfulness is about here-and-now, present-focused awareness. Therapy can be a valuable partner with mindfulness. If you have a therapist, some of what comes up in mindfulness meditation practice/reflection could be brought it into your therapy.

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